I know I should be thankful all year.  There’s a little spot on my snazzy to-do list page that says “today I am grateful for:”. That’s usually where I write the things I need to do in the evening when I get home.  Don’t want those things to get jumbled up with the things I need to do while nursing my coffee in a coffeeshop.  This is one of the things I love about Thanksgiving.  It’s an (albeit forced) time to be mindful about what we’re thankful for.

I was planning on writing this one particular thing I’m thankful for in a card sent directly to thanful-ee’s snail mailbox.  But today is my day to blog.  And I want to share this story with all of you.  Do you remember how TCHP officially began?  I’m sorry, you don’t have our history committed to memory?  Harumph. Well, for a handful of years, I was traveling back and forth to Honduras, scraping teams together and raising funds in an incredibly confusing manner.

“Thank you for wanting to support us June!  In order for you to donate to Proniño, I need you to go to Heart to Honduras’ website and look for The Children’s Home Project. No, Proniño isn’t mine and nope I’m not technically part of Heart to Honduras anymore.  So, yeah, thanks for donating!”  

In 2012, this crazy idea was brewing.  Wouldn’t it be less confusing if TCHP was it’s own entity?  But you have no idea just how normal I am.  I’m a helper and supporter.  Not a starter and grower.  But it kept feeling more feasible.  I seriously worried that I was losing touch with reality.

Enter Rod Badgley.  He had heard of us through Greg Battle and Mountain Park Church and said “I’d like to put on a golf tournament fundraiser for your non-profit!”  Yeah….about that.  I said that I don’t actually have one, I’m simply a name under an umbrella.  That Rod Badgley.  He’s a doer.  Without missing a beat he said “Well, bring your strategic plan and budget on Monday and we’ll get that started.”  Blink.  Blink.  So I did.  My plan was to show these things to him, tell him that I completely understood if he didn’t want to jump on this train, but maybe could he mentor me a little bit?  His reaction was “Great.  You have an appointment with our lawyers in x number of days. This is great!” [Ok, ok. That part was paraphrased.]  We now had ourselves a runaway train.

Here’s the part that I’ve been thinking about a LOT lately.  One day, a while after that crazy beginning, he walked into my office with a handful of those catalogs you get every year from a variety of non-profits detailing their Christmas fundraising goals and how you can get involved.  He gave them to me and said that we should do this.  Blink.  Blink.  These catalogs were gorgeous.  I struggled (still do) with adding a text box in a document.  I couldn’t make one of these catalogs.  I felt overwhelmed.  I felt like I was letting him and the kids down.  I tucked them into a drawer in my desk with plans to revisit them.  Revisited…but felt overwhelmed again and went back to blogging.  (Text boxes already included!)

Years passed….we grow little by little….I’m still woefully adept at design…

This year, Wyn Wiley and Abbey Moore entered our lives and really brought us up 72 notches with regards to our ‘look’.  If you’ve been enjoying our pictures from February on, that’s thanks to them.  Then Abbey went even further.  I wanted to send something, anything out with information about Sharing Joy this year.  I had some questions and she responded with ‘Sure, I’ll make it!  I have tons of free time!”  [The first part was paraphrased.  The second was a straight up lie.]  The result was a catalog that I love so much I want to frame.  That’s normal, right?

As I held it in my hands I thought back to that day Rod came into my office.  I never thought TCHP would be a real true thing.  I remember thinking that if I could raise $15,000 in one entire calendar year, that would be a miracle.  Our current goal is $30,000 to be raised in one month.  I definitely never thought that we would have a beautiful catalog featuring these amazing kids and the dedicated employees who are changing their lives.

I know, I know.  I should be writing about the kids. But I had to share my thankfulness for some of the many people who make any of this work and life with the kids possible.  I’m thankful someone took a gamble on me when he barely knew me.  I’m thankful he planted ideas in my head that were way out of my league.  I’m thankful for people who use their crazy talent to create beauty that leaves me befuddled.  We wouldn’t exist without Rod Badgley and we wouldn’t look so snazzy without Abbey and Wyn.

I mean….just look at this!


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