“Seeing what these kids endure daily left me feeling a deep commitment to do something to improve the lives of the children. As I continued to visit the center and began to bring groups of Hondurans and North Americans with me I realized that I cannot do this on my own and that there are many caring, passionate and capable adults and young people who could come alongside me. TCHP was created to bring these people and resources together to change the lives of these children.”

Jenny Kast
Founder of The Children’s Home Project

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When you become a financial supporter of The Children’s Home Project, you make an immediate and real impact in the work we do – and more importantly – in the lives of the children we are in relationship with.

Children’s homes have many different needs and our organization uses all funds to support the following areas:

  • Education: books, uniforms, teachers, transportation to and from school, field trips, other typical school expenses like field trips.
  • Mental Health: Psychologist costs, personal training for issues such as anger management and communication, workbooks, therapeutic games, psychiatrist sessions, medication, etc.
  • Personel: Cost for on-site workers, stipends for additional workers
  • Other Costs: travel expenses, emergency preparedness, internet access, office supplies, etc.

The Children’s Home Project is an Arizona non-profit corporation and has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service for tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Contributions and/or donations made to The Children’s Home Project will qualify as tax deductible charitable contributions to the full extent permissible under the law. Please consult your tax advisor for additional information.

Sponsorship Program

The sponsorship program with The Children’s Home Project exists to bridge the gap between the children who love receiving encouragement from their sponsors and the North Americans who desire to do more. When you decide to sponsor a child, you become someone’s Madrina or Padrino. This word literally means Godmother or Godfather, which is a little glimpse of the impact that you can have on your child. We encourage sponsors to regularly write letters to their child as being remembered, feeling special and knowing that there is another person who cares about them can give them the strength to stay in the children’s home and continue studying and leaving their past behind them.

We have a tiered giving structure based on how much you are able to give.  The actual cost per child per month in Proniño is $500 and in Crecer is $250.  We are grateful for any amount that you can give!

  • $35 monthly donation will go towards the costs associated with caring for the children like food, clothing, medical needs, etc
  • $70 monthly will additionally cover psychological services
  • $105 monthly will also cover all food for your child for the month
  • $210 monthly will cover psychological services, food, caretaker and transportation costs for the entire month

As a sponsor you will receive:

  • Updates/pictures/small gifts from your sponsor child every four months
  • Mail Team opportunities to send items down to your sponsor child
  • An Ahijado (Godson) Update from Haley (Pronino coordinator) or Jilli (Crecer director) once a year
  • Birthday celebration invitations to donate or send gifts for your sponsor child’s birthday
  • Christmas gift opportunities to support the Christmas festivities

Questions?  Contact Marie at

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Become a supporter of The Children’s Home Project. We need you as much as the children need us.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to commit?

Our hope is that you will develop a supportive and encouraging relationship with your child that will continue until s/he leaves Proniño or Crecer. But we understand that financial situations change and you can stop sponsoring if necessary. If you would like to sponsor, but think you only want to do it for a year or two, we recommend that you sponsor an older child.

Does The Children’s Home Project take any of the monthly donation?

If you donate through Paypal, there is a Paypal fee of $1.33 each month. The best way to avoid this is to sign up through the TCHP donation page and set up a monthly withdrawal from a checking account. Let us know if you need assistance.  5% of the donation will cover the costs of all shipping and program supplies.

Will I be my child’s only sponsor?

Hopefully, no! The actual cost of caring for each child per month in Proniño is around $500, and the cost in Crecer is $250.  The more sponsors we have, the more benefits we’ll be able to provide the children. Also, a big part of this program is for the child to feel loved and encouraged and we’d like him or her to have as many people invested, praying and pulling for him or her as possible!

What happens if my child leaves?


Sadly, there are times that a child decides to run away from the home. If your child leaves, you’ll be notified within a week. The children are often found and brought back or return on their own so we hope that you’ll be willing to continue sponsoring for three months in hopes that he will come back. After 3 months, we’ll contact you to see if you would like to sponsor another child, donate to another area or cease donations.


We will notify you of any major changes within one month if their attendance becomes sporadic or if they cease attending entirely.  Our hope is that you’ll continue to support the child by supporting Crecer until the end of the year when we can evaluate the likelihood of the child’s return.

Why do the children leave?


Many of the kids in Proniño have a history of drug abuse and have also spent a significant amount of time on the street. Sometimes the pull of the drugs becomes too much. Sometimes they have a bad day and make a snap decision, forgetting what life is like on the street. And sometimes all they can think about is the ‘freedom’ they have on the street and no longer want to abide by rules or a schedule. The risk of a child leaving is greatest during their first year in the home, but sadly, that risk is always present.


There are multiple circumstances that can pull a child away from Crecer. We fight the constant battle of trying to provide as much stability as possible to our kids, knowing that much of their lives are constantly up in the air. – Due to the crippling poverty that our kids and their families live in, life is often very unstable. Parents sometimes pick up and move to another town without more than a day’s notice. It’s not uncommon for these sorts of moves to seem permanent, only to have the family return to San Pedro a week later. Additionally, because we do work with the kids alongside their families, challenges can come when the kids begin working at a young age and helping to provide for their families instead of attending school and Crecer. We aim to provide a way for both to be possible, but unfortunately, some kids choose to work and help their family financially instead of continuing in Crecer.

Do I need to send a letter?

Corresponding with your child isn’t mandatory, but it is encouraged.

But I don’t know Spanish!

Not a problem! We can translate all letters between the two of you.

But I don’t know what to write!

So often, it’s simply the act of being remembered that makes an impact on the child. You could literally write about anything and s/he’ll be pleased to catch a glimpse of your life. And then s/he’ll probably share it with his or her friends.

S/he won’t really notice if I don’t send anything, right?

The minute our sponsorship coordinators enter the grounds of Proniño or Crecer they will be bombarded by kids asking specifically about a note or pictures from their madrina or padrino. It really means a lot!

Will my letters be read by TCHP staff?

Yes. The safety of the children is our first priority so even if you’re fluent in Spanish we still need to read the letters before giving it to the child.

Can I send my child a gift?

Yes! Finding space in our luggage is always an issue, so if you send a gift we ask that it is very small and very lightweight. There is a volunteer who typically does a large event for Christmas and this would be the best time to send larger and/or more expensive gifts.

I just got a letter from my child and s/he asked me for an MP3 player for the third time. What do I do?

Oh geez, really? I’m so sorry that slipped through! We’re working with the kids on asking for things only when they are asked what they would like. This is a work in progress! Don’t feel any pressure at all to send your child anything s/he asks for in his or her letter. If you would like to get him or her what was asked for, you could send it for his or her birthday or for Christmas.

Can I meet my child?

Absolutely!!! This is what the kids want more than anything. You can join one our work teams or grab five or more friends and family and plan your own trip! This would also be a good opportunity for you to bring any larger gift that won’t fit in our luggage.