• Deysi

    I first met Deysi years ago when she would wash windows for tips at a stoplight I frequented. She and her friends were some of the biggest driving forces to creating Crecer

  • Moises

    Moises is one of the children that I have known the longest. We first met in 2010 when he and his brother were in Nueva Esperanza, the government home that has since closed.

  • Joel

    Joel has lived in children’s homes for as long as he can really remember. We first met him many years ago in Nueva Esperanza, a government run children’s home. After a few years of bouncing around in different homes and on the street, he was brought to Proniño where we were so thrilled to be able to be a part of his life once again.

  • Oscar Geovany

    Oscar along with some of his friends had become street children. They were brought to Nueva Esperanza for the first time by the local police.

  • Edgar

    After running away from home, a TCHP worker used a little information on his whereabouts to find him sleeping behind a bank and brought him home.

  • Denis Gabriel’s Story

    Denis Gabriel thought he had no family but on his 18th birthday, TCHP agreed to help him find his family. Their progress was surprising.

  • Marlen’s Story

    Marlen has proved that girls just as are deserving of the same opportunities as the boys in children’s homes.

  • Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos will be leading the charge to defy the statistics for children growing up in children’s homes.

  • Carlos’ Story

    Carlos has run away from home, lived life as a street child and sent to a children’s homes only to continue running. Our team has continued to find Carlos.