Sharing Joy 2021

Goal – $50,000

Well hello! Welcome to our Sharing Joy page. Thank you so much for stopping by! As we near the end of 2021, we are highly anticipating all that this next year will bring.

We learned so very much this year.

In Crecer, our kids are not babies anymore. (Ok, they were tweens when Crecer began. But they will always be our babies.) It’s been beautiful this year watching many of our now young adults find a career path that brings them joy. And it’s OUR joy to offer them the supplies they need to journey down this path.

In Proniño, “thanks” to Hurricanes Eta and Iota, we learned the value of living in houses surrounded not only by our Proniño community but the Honduran community at large. In 2022, we’ll be moving towards permanence as we build houses (far from flood zones) in one neighborhood that will forever be ours.

We always love Sharing Joy as it starts the coming year off with a bang! We spend time dreaming and planning for the future and then you say ‘Yes ma’am(s), that’s a fine future we’re seeing together’. Thank you for helping us start 2022 off right!

Our goal for this year is $50,000 and we have a matching donor who will match up to $25,000 raised! (Can someone choreograph and record a matching donor dance? Surely you will go viral.)

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Proyecto Crecer

Goal- $22,000

  • KEILI – $4,000

    Have I mentioned that access to mental health care is one of our pillars? Oh, I have? It truly is incredibly important around here. As is Keili. She is our psychologist at Crecer (and now one day a week at Proniño as well!) She is invaluable to us as she gains the trust of our…

  • JOB TRAINING – $3,500

    It all started with Emer. A story started by that sentence could go in many different directions. But I’ll keep it to the topic of job training. One of the most delightful things that came out the pandemic was realizing that Emer loved to cook. The progression went like this. Because all public transportation stopped,…

  • GLENDA – $4,000

    The truth of the matter is that we stole Glenda. Not gonna lie. She was a teacher at a school one of our kids attends and she was so full of compassion, understanding, patience and grace that we knew we needed a teacher in Crecer like her. So much like her…that we hired…her. She moved…

  • FOOD – $5,000

    Food insecurity is a big part of the lives of our Crecer kids. Or even if they know they will receive food each day, theirs is still one more mouth to feed in a place where food can be scarce. We want to make sure that nutrition and full bellies will never be barriers to…

  • PRIVATE SCHOOL – $1,000

    We have been incredibly thankful that most private schools were able to transition to virtual learning during the pandemic which meant that our private school kids didn’t need to worry about losing their academic year. Before the 2021 school year began we heard of a few youngins in the community who were in jeopardy of…

  • STIPENDS – $4,500

    Many of our Crecer kids are many years behind in school due to frequent educational disruption in their early years. This means that our young adults are feeling the warring desires of wanting to finish school while also the pressures from their families, community or culture in general for them to start giving back and…


Goal- $22,000

  • SNACKS – $2,000

    Many of our Proniño kids have also experienced food insecurity in their lives. It is important in their growth and healing that they have access to a nutritious snack each day. Whether that means getting up from the dining room table where they have set up for a day of virtual learning and heading for…

  • NAYRA – $4,000

    This gal has got a thing for numbers. And man to do we need her because managing 21 employees, education at a handful of different schools as well as feeding and clothing dozens of adolescents creates a whole lot of them! Nayra is Proniño’s administrator who is also ready to fill any other gap that…


    On outings where the entire foundation gets to be together, Marcia spends 42% of the day telling visitors that her brothers are here. These three. One of my favorite things is that even as Darwin gets older (and ergo cooler) he still welcomes long lasting, all-encompassing hugs from his sister. These three are love. $3,000…

  • GIORDAN – $3,000

    Giordan feels like a miracle that we stumbled upon. When the country shut down last year, we were desperate for help with errands. We needed someone who could do all of the shopping, transport all employees to and from work and take care of any additional emergency that came up. (With nearly 30 kids, can…



    If you want to be inspired, you should spend some time with our eight university students in Proniño. EIGHT. These kids have shown us over and over again that they will take this opportunity of furthering their education very seriously. The majority of them live in their own home in town and that home is…

TCHP General

Goal- $6,000

  • MENTAL HEALTH – $6,000

    From the very beginning, mental healthcare has been one of our pillars. An education will only take a child so far if he remains plagued every waking moment by past trauma. Healing must be offered alongside growth. And as we, the leadership team, help hold this trauma it affects us as well. We model vulnerability…