It’s that time of year again!  The time to be with family?  The time to battle crowds for that perfect gift?  The time to eat sweet treats in excess? The time to pin 37 things to Pinterest that you won’t actually do (but about which you will feel guilty)?  Well, yes, yes, yes and when will we learn?  But that’s not what I’m talking about.  Today begins something even better than eating or pinning or shopping – our third annual end of the year fundraiser!

Our goal this year is large and scary and ridiculous and yet necessary.

Drum roll please…

 Before January 1, 2015, we would like to raise 40,000 big ones.

And what will this $40,000 be going towards?

Education and Mental Health

10662147_3182288035807_5349039665708962233_oEducation creates change-makers.  The 90 boys and girls in Proniño cannot stop the cycle of poverty they were born into without the tools necessary to smash that wheel to smithereens.  All kids will receive a basic education.  $20,000 for 2015 will guarantee that some will receive a private and more advanced education.  It will ensure that the oldest boys learn a trade that will ease their transition to living on their own.  It will make it possible for the kids to have the supplies and materials necessary to complete assignments and attend school without shame.

Mental health…I could write about this for hours.  There is not a single child in this home that hasn’t experienced some sort IMG_0012of trauma.  Sometimes, it’s easy to see their smiles and think that they’ve ‘gotten over it’.  Nope, not true.  Scars so deep don’t melt away.  Part of breaking the cycle of abused and abandoned children is getting them the help they need at a young age before they become adults who abandon and abuse.  Or adults with a penchant for thievery that prevents them holding a steady job.  Or unresolved issues that can only be dealt with by abusing drugs or alcohol.  In 2015, we want to hire a second psychologist that will ensure that more kids are being seen one-on-one, on a weekly basis.  We also want to have the resources to hire professionals to do intensive trainings on things like anger management and relationships.  $20,000 will make these things possible.

This week, I read a post from The Micah Project on Facebook.  This is an excellent organization that works with street children in Honduras’ capital.  Recently, one of the boys they have worked with for years in Tegucigalpa was killed.  I read the touching memorial written about this child and the urgency grew.  I wanted to stamp my foot and yell “No more, for goodness sake, no freaking more.” Stopping this, this suffering and death, starts with the warriors working on the street.  Befriending kids with bags of glue pressed to their mouth and reminding them that they have a purpose in this life.  But getting them to a home like Proniño does not mean that the war has been won.  In this child’s tribute, it was mentioned that he had spent some time in rehab centers, but simply being off the street wasn’t enough.  We are going to provide more.  We are going to meet the kids where they’re at and help them deal with their addiction and then with the life that happened to bring them to their addiction.  We’re going to put tools in their hands and their heads to open up opportunities they didn’t have on the street or with their families.  That’s what this is about.  We’re going to build a foundation for their future.  We’re going to build a wall against the past that tries to sneak in and steal them away.  We’re going to build hope.


Will you help us build?  Every brick counts.

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