I have gotten the impression that mission statements are an important part of having a non-profit.  (And don’t worry, we have one.)  But do you have any idea how difficult it is to pack all of what you do, all of what you want to accomplish as well as a brief summary of the population (that is made up for very unique individuals) that you work with in one jam packed easy to remember phrase?  Every time I recite our mission statement, I feel like there’s so much missing.

The Children’s Home Project exists to come alongside existing children’s homes in Honduras to provide safety, nourishment, hope and love.

But what does this LOOK like?

It looks like this.


Picture of three girls and one boy.  Um, I don’t get it.

It’s not just the picture.  It’s what was written underneath on his Facebook page.

Y ellas quienes son moy?

Son unas de mis impulsos para seguir adelante.


“Who are these girls?” his friend asks.

“These are some of my impulses to push forward. “



is why we’re there.

The battles these kids are fighting…  Odds are against them.  They’ve experienced things they should have been protected from.  So many people have walked away, have judged, have feared them.

THEY have to be the ones that make the decision to overcome.  We can’t do it for them.

But we can come alongside.  Motivate. Inspire. Encourage. Speak into their lives the truths that we see in them.

This will look different for each child.

What we want more than anything is for the kids to keep going, persevere, overcome.

Seguir adelante.

And we’re so thankful to be able to walk beside them, serving as a small source of strength, balance, illumination, distraction, focus and humor.

We get to watch little miracles unfold.

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