It all started with Emer. A story started by that sentence could go in many different directions. But I’ll keep it to the topic of job training. One of the most delightful things that came out the pandemic was realizing that Emer loved to cook. The progression went like this. Because all public transportation stopped, our beloved cook couldn’t come to work. Every day, a dozen adults and children with a merely moderate affinity for cooking would try to put edible food in everyone’s bellies. Until Emer began rising to the top. Then the daily routine became Emer trying new things and a dozen (minus one) adults and children rained their praises upon him twice a day.

Once (some) schools opened up this year, he began attending a culinary program. Then our three girls began their cosmetology program. And in 2022 we’ll have kids in studying culinary, cosmetology AND cell phone repair. All because Emer took a chance with a spoon. We are raising $3,500 toward these job training programs in 2022.

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