IMG_0372Oscar was in Nueva Esperanza, a government run children’s home, for the first time. He was picked up with a handful of his friends by the police when they were begging on the street. He is what we call a part-time street kid. He goes to the street during the day to juggle for tips at the stop lights or begs passersby for some spare change. Then he returns home in the evening to share what he earned with his family. A child can make more in one day than an adult male can make doing back breaking work. Sadly, the pressures of the street and the chaos at home eventually become too much and most part-time street kids one day become full-time.

Volunteers and employees of The Children’s Home Project develop relationships with children to provide a small amount of consistency as we listen to their history, fears and give as much advice as possible. We also forge partnerships with various homes in the hopes that we’ll be able to get them off the street if living at home is no longer possible.