MOISESMoises is one of the children that I have known the longest. We first met in 2010 when he and his brother were in Nueva Esperanza, the government home that has since closed. I am so thankful that I have had a front row seat to watching him grow. After so many years, we have a history together and that history gives us a unique bond. “Jenny, do you remember when I was in Nueva and hurt my ankle and your husband took me to the hospital?” “Yes, and I also remember when…” He is becoming a teenager, which is my favorite age. Recently, we clung to the bars of a merry go round making it go faster and faster as he talked about some issues he’s having with loving himself. The dizzier we got, the more he opened up and suddenly he was seriously discussing the merits of each potential path in the fork in his road. “If I would just steal and do drugs, then I’d have more friends. If I stay the way I am, I’m always going to get made fun of.” THIS is why I’m in Honduras. These moments of raw authenticity and being present for verbal processing. Listening and loving instead of lecturing. I’m so thankful for him.