Marlen was one of the first girls to live in Bellas Princesas (Beautiful Princesses). This is a home for abused or exploited girls that Proniño opened in 2013. Unlike Proniño which cares for 90, Bellas Princesas has reached it’s maximum occupancy at 10 girls. The hope is that this home will always feel more like a large family than a children’s home. Also, we want to ensure that the girls receive therapy for what they experienced before this new chapter in their lives.

Marlen was being considered as a candidate for private school primarily because it was decided that a girl must have an opportunity as well. It would be a great example for the other girls if they saw that it’s not just the boys getting these opportunities. And she is the most studious of the girls. Then her test results came back from the end of year exams. 98%. She got a 98% when tested over the entire year! It was quickly realized that she deserves this opportunity not for the sake of equality but because she may just be the top student between the 90 boys at Proniño and 10 at Bellas Princesas. TCHP has committed to raising a portion of the funds needed to cover her tuition.

You go girl!