Juan Carlos will be leading the charge to defy the statistics for children growing up in children’s homes. After five years on the street, peppered with a few weeks here and there in different centers, he realized that his life was not headed towards the future that he wanted for himself. He was roughly eleven when he made this decision. (I know, he’s incredible!) And yes, this also means that he was on the street as a six year old.

Since making this decision he has taken advantage of every opportunity that has been thrown his way. He attends a prestigious (and difficult) private vocational school and is teaching volleyball classes within the center. He was also part of a group of kids who wrote and acted in a play about the life of a street child. What an amazing play this was.

The Children’s Home Project hopes that he will be one of our next employees when he leaves Proniño. He has expressed a desire on numerous occasions to help kids who have been in a situation similar to his. He has also accompanied us on a few visits to other homes.

Watching him slip into a mentoring role as he tells a child his story and then gives the child advice and encouragement is simply breathtaking.