Edgar has bounced around multiple children’s homes for the majority of his life. Jenny first met him in 2010 in Nueva Esperanza, a severely mismanaged government run children’s home for boys and girls. When he ran away from that home, Jenny used the small amount of info she had to desperately look for him on the street. High and dirty after a few weeks of sleeping on a piece of cardboard behind a bank, he quickly agreed to go to a home, as long as it wasn’t Nueva Esperanza. (And what a blessing this was for a first time experience. We’ve come to find that it almost never is this easy.)

The last few years haven’t always been peachy as Edgar continues to feel the weight of his past life, but he says that when the thought of the street crosses his mind, “I think more. I breathe and I think about the streets. And then I do something that distracts me and before I know it, the thought has left!”

He has recently reconnected with his Dad. Proniño has been facilitating visits with him every few months. This newfound connection with family may be the final piece in helping him leave the street forever in the past!