DEYSII first met Deysi years ago when she would wash windows for tips at a stoplight I frequented. She and her friends were some of the biggest driving forces to creating Crecer; every night she went home to her mom who loves her. She didn’t need the physical refuge of a children’s home, but she definitely needed options that wouldn’t limit her to spending her days at stoplights.

When Crecer opened, she was one of the first kids we accepted and it has been a rollercoaster watching her transform from a pre-teen angsty girl to a motivated, disciplined, independent teenager who hell-bent on making her way in this world. These days, when we talk, we no longer use the phrase “if you graduate school one day,” but rather “when you graduate,” She has a thirst for education that is unlike anything I’ve seen from a girl her age and has made it a priority to not miss school, no matter the circumstance. It is not the least bit lost on me how much work it’s required to get to this point. I am so fortunate to have been allowed into the walls of her mind and mentor her through her teenage years.