support children living in hondurasDenis Gabriel thought he had no family. He had vague memories of living with a woman fore a few years who may have been (but probably wasn’t) his mom. He called the center that he lived in from age 7-13 home. He was told that at that point, his behavior was so horrendous that he was forced to leave the center. He was moved to a children’s home that closed less than a week after he arrived because of abuse and mismanagement of funds. And then he came to Proniño. He is talented musically and has even recorded a few songs.

But as his 18th birthday neared, his desire to find some semblance of family grew. In July, Jenny agreed to help him find his family. She fully expected this to be a wild goose chase in which the only benefit would be to have a couple of good long talks with him about creating family out of friendships and how to survive in a culture that so highly values biological family members above all else. To everyone’s surprise, the foster family who took him in after he was abandoned by his mom was found nearly immediately. And they welcomed him back into their lives with open arms.

He still has quite a road ahead of him as he turns 18 and navigates out in the ‘real world’, but now he can do it with the support of a few people who consider him to be a son and brother.