We first met Carlos in 2011 when he was brought to Proniño by volunteers from another organization. Carlos had ran away from home, lived life as a street child and was then sent to a children’s home in Teguc. After running away from that children’s home, he returned to the streets, this time in San Pedro. Jenny Kast found Carlos while he was in San Pedro and convinced him to return to Proniño with her. Three months later he ran away, again. Jenny immediately found him, but this time he refused to return. “He said no matter what he does, his desire for drugs never lessens. He will never be able to overcome and he needs to just accept that this is going to be his life.”

Our organization is about knowing the kids, being committed to them and walking through life with them: the exact same things we would all want for our own children.

We were no where near ready to agree with him. TCHP team member, Jilli Schultiz began spending time with Carlos. Catrachos Al Cambio )a city-run-home for drug addicted street teenagers) opened up their doors for Carlos and he walked in. Like many times before, Carlos ran away a few months after arriving. Jilli found him. Jilli convinced Carlos to go to a detox center that she had found in a hospital. After completing the two weeks program, he returned to Catrachos – and then ran away. This became the normal routine until September of 2013 when he returned – and has remained there since. Though we don’t know what finally clicked, it’s apparent that something did. There is no magical or easy answer for how one goes about moving a child off the street, or, how to get a young man’s drug addiction under control. Because of this, we The Children’s Home Project remains committed seeing Carlos, and others like him, through the entire process. It can take years of failing over and over and over before a child finally has the strength to leave his past in his past… and we are overjoyed to be there to help make those connections.