Disclaimer:  If you haven’t read Christmas Eve’s post, you should probably scroll down (or click here) and do that.  Otherwise, you may be a little confused at the lack of puzzle references in this post.

Hey there!  Merry Christmas!!

So, what did you open this morning?  A sweater?  New iPod? Who got a puppy?  (No seriously, I’m kind of curious about that one.  All pictures of new puppies and kittens can be sent to jschulz@childrenshomeproject.org)

I haven’t actually opened anything yet, but I know what I sure hope I’ll be unwrapping.  Books, books and then maybe one more book.  Who else thinks heaven is going to smell like Barnes & Noble?  (I just hope the bathrooms in heaven are cleaner.  Seriously Barnes & Noble.  Your bathrooms are terrible.)

This is why I knew I absolutely HAD TO raise funds for books this year.  That coupled with a conversation I had with the education director when I was in Honduras:

Me: Paula, I’m going to be able to get some supplies like pencils, notebooks and crayons for next year.  What supplies do the kids most ne…



Hmm, seems like I’ve found a pertinent need.

Once upon a time, a ‘small non-profit’ had two goals.  (Well, more than two goals.  But we’re going to focus on two today.)  Goal #1 – Have the end of the year fundraiser that will fill in some of the gaps in funding that were experienced in 2013.  Goal #2 – Figure out a way to have an additional fundraiser for education in the Spring because the Director of ‘small non-profit’ found out a little too late that Proniño was banking on ‘small non-profit’ to  raise education funds like it did last year.  Drat.

Goal #1 was well underway when out of the clear blue sky it was reached.  Early and abundantly.  Absolutely incredible.  What does Director of ‘small non-profit’ do?  She texts her husband, best friend, partner in crime in Honduras and a board member (who happens to also be her sister-in-law).  Once everyone is done sending all caps text messages back and forth, it’s decided that yes, we should move on to Goal #2.

Here we go.

Honduras provides free public education for all children.  Wow!  That’s so great!  Yep, all you have to do is buy the child’s uniform (including classroom and PE clothes AND shoes), books, materials as well as pay for all mandatory field trips, camps and the 6th grade project to give back to the school.  (aka Pay a lump sum of money that will be used for a building project or you will not pass 6th grade.)  This free education gets pricey real quick.  Oh Honduras.

Today we are raising funds for their books.  I wish we were buying them these:

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 2.48.52 PMBecause this is what I’d be wanting to read.  In English of course.  My Spanish is not nearly good enough yet.

Instead of Harry Potter, we’ll be buying lots of Nachos.  (Suddenly craving some cheesy goodness…)

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 2.44.02 PMAnd dictionaries and Math and Science and History books.

$2500 worth to be exact.

Books for 51 kids.  (And every college student is currently wishing he or she could pay $50 for the year for their books…)

If you would like to donate towards books for the 2014 school year, click here and donate in the education box!  You can pledge a one time gift (because you have 6 more days of the tax season!) or sign up for a monthly donation for 2014.  Remember that a $50 donation will buy ALL books for one child!  If 7 people donate $30 a month ($360 for the year), then we have the books covered!

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