My friend Laura (a long-time Proniño volunteer, current board member and lifetime advocate) recently asked the boys to write their stories.  I am amazed by the result.  I’m so impressed by and proud of the boys – that they are able and willing to express their suffering.  And I wanted to share some of their stories with you.  Here are some examples of what life was like before Proniño….

“I’m 16 years old and I live in El Progreso but I don’t know where I’m from. I don’t know my mother or my father. I knew my grandmother but I don’t know where she lives anymore. I lived with a man and a woman but she didn’t like my staying with them and she would hit me. I didn’t like that. I went to work with the man and I got lost on the way home. I kept walking and started to cry because I didn’t know where to go. Some people helped me for 3 months I stayed there. Then I went to find a bus to San Pedro Sula. There I begged for money.”… “I met a boy in the streets and he told me about an institution for kids called ProNino.” *This boy has been in ProNino for 7 years. All that he wrote above happened before he was 9 years old.

“I am 10 years old. My life before ProNino was very empty because my family fell apart when my mom went away to Mexico. I stayed living in the streets because my dad didn’t give me any time. I felt alone.

“I never lived with my real family. I lived with a lady for awhile but she was sick and was about to die. I found a man and a woman and they told me I could come live with them because the lady I was living with was going to die. I lived with them for 3 years and I studied but then the lady wanted to work in the United States and I thought she would take me but she left me with a friend. She didn’t like me so I left the house. The police saw me seated on a bench in the park alone and took me to ProNino. “

“I’m 13 years old. My life before ProNino was very difficult because my parents made me work, I walked the streets collecting plastic bottles to sell and to be able to eat. I slept in the streets because my parents fought all the time. I was cold and hungry at night.”

“One day in 2004 (he was 9 years old) at night I was with my family when suddenly 5 armed men arrived and I heard one say “Lets do what we came to do” and he shot twice in the air. I ran past him and thank God he didn’t do anything to me. I arrived in the bedroom and heard a lot of gunshots. I left the room and saw my mother dead and my grandmother and my 4 aunts. Afterwards, they took me to ProNino.”…”I thank the people of ProNino because they have helped me in good and bad times and I thank God I am learning in the electricity workshop.”


  I can’t imagine what it would be like to live through these stories.  And yet, these kids are filled with so much hope.  They have a long road ahead of them, but their future is so much brighter.  And I’m so thankful that Proniño is going to play such a huge role in making it happen.  BUT the foundation doesn’t run on hope alone.  Proniño is currently having a large fundraiser and I’m trying to help by creating a page that you can visit to donate.  My stated goal is $1000 but as I’m learning more and more about the depth of their current financial situation, it would be even better to raise $5000.  Anything at all that you can give would be so appreciated!  Just click on donate to be taken to First Giving page.  And just like with the Christmas sponsorship last year, if you donate I promise to bring back a video, drawing or little gift  =)

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