At the beginning of November, I asked our team of supporters to pray for Honduras as Hurricane Eta barreled toward this land that I love. Somehow, I doubted that we would be affected. Some potential water damage? Sure. But nothing that a good scrub and some time in the sun couldn’t fix.

I was incredibly wrong.







The most important thing for you to know is that all of the kids are safe. They were evacuated by boat before the first hurricane hit and are now living in temporary housing in town.

Proniño sits on a road that runs parallel to the Ulua River. There is a large levee that protects that road from the rainy season when the river swells. That levee broke. Directly in front of our property. This means that the river has essentially forked and is now free to run through Proniño when the water rises.  Two weeks after Hurricane Eta, Hurricane Iota hit and caused further damage.

Our property has amassed extensive damage. We know that all personal property left behind in the evacuation are lost. Now that the water has receded, engineers have visited the site and we are assessing the feasibility of rebuilding on the property.


In San Pedro, we were able to immediately access the neighborhood where our Crecer kids live with their families.

Again, first and foremost, everyone is safe.

Many homes experienced extensive damage to their roofs and nearly all homes were at least partially flooded and our families are currently sleeping on damp beds. We are replacing beds and providing metal sheets to repair roofs as soon as possible, as well as expanding the availability of our COVID lockdown food baskets.

There is very little government aid in Honduras. We are thankful that our long-standing relationship with this community enables us to assess their needs and quickly provide assistance.


At Proniño, a month and a half after the hurricanes hit, we are slowly digging out from under all of the mud. The reports from the three engineers that have visited the property have been mixed. They all agree that this property will flood again. As it has in the past to a much smaller degree. This is why all of the structures have been built many feet off of the ground. The key issue is the levee. Can we trust the levees to be rebuilt in a way that protects us from catastrophic damage once again?

In the coming months, we have major decisions to be made so that we can start rebuilding or building from scratch on a new property.

Moving forward is daunting but we are confident that we will get through this. It is what our kids deserve.

– Jenny Kast

How YOU can help:

1) We have launched a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising $400,000. We are well over halfway there!

2) SHARE OUR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS! I cannot stress enough how vital it is that you tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, your coworkers, the person you are socially distanced from in line at the grocery store about what has happened. Share this page. Share our social media posts. Share our GoFundMe.

Our ask is BIG because our need is BIG and we will need a BIG group of supporters to make this happen.

But your love for us and for our kids has always, over and over, proven to be so enormously BIG.

Together, we can do this. I know we can.