Ninety kids of various shapes and sizes.999193_10201879585128964_881410738_n

Every now and then you’ll find them in disguises.

On the 10th of September, their youthfulness is celebrated.

Piñata! Outings! ….But that’s not what will be most anxiously awaited.

What oh what might this one thing be?

A toy? A meal? They’re very own seal?

Please say it quickly. My interest is growing as cold as this tea.

10661791_3182323396691_6347147295050033215_oOk, ok, I’ll cut to the chase.

Your precious time I will not waste.

One special day of this week,

all ninety kids will look more chic.

Brand new outfits, fresh from the bags.

No time is wasted in throwing out their old rags.


But before this joyous moment can be caught,

ninety outfits must be bought.

Are you interested in helping us out real quick?

Forty dollars* will do the trick!

* If you would like to provide a brand new outfit for one or multiple children in Proniño, click on this link to see which kids still need to be sponsored for the Day of the Child.  $40 will provide them with shoes, shirt, pants, underwear, socks and a belt.  Each donor will receive a special thank you from the child that s/he sponsored for this special day! And as always, there will be pictures, lots of pictures…

(P.S. Thank you kindly for reading my poem in it’s entirety.  As you can see, Dr. Suess has been the most influential poet in my life…Even if you found my poem wanting, we’d still love your help! )

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