(Please sing with me.)

Schoooool’s out….for the summer.

(Technically, it’s out for the winter.    The Honduran school calendar beats to it’s own drum.)

Schooooool’s out….for ever.

(Not actually true either.  Just until mid-January or early February based on which school a child attends.  The schools within Honduras also beat to their own drum which is different from all the other drums.)

My school’s been blown to pieces.

(Wait, seriously?  These are the lyrics?  What a disturbing song Mr. Cooper. I’m simply aghast.)

Everyone please sit quietly in your seats, keep your hands and feet to yourselves and face the front.

Victor, stop pulling Suzy’s ponytail.  (When will boys learn that this doesn’t make girls like them more?  Or at all.)

Today, class, I’m going to tell you about school.

Private school to be exact.

Because today in Sharing Joy: One Piece At a Time, we’re raising funds to send five kids to private school.  These are five kids who a few years ago where living either on the street or with their families in dire poverty with little hope of a basic education much less private.  In the time they’ve been in Proniño, they’ve shown such dedication to their studies and natural intelligence that they’ve been given the opportunity to attend schools that will challenge them and open doors to better opportunities.

As long as we have the funds to pay for it, of course…

Last year, during Ornaments for Education, we were able to send Bryan and Valentin to private school for the first time.

069 Brayan, Valentin

(Gush.  The only picture I have of the two of them together is from two and a half years ago.  What babies they were!)

((Back to the matter at hand.))

The plan is for them to continue studying at the same school in 2014.  The entire cost (monthly fee, uniforms, school supplies, books, field trips, the kitchen sink) is $1147 for the year.  For these two to return to their private school, we need to raise $2294.  As you ponder if this is worth your investment, please watch a little interview with Valentin.

(But for real, you should.  It’s only a minute.  And this was his idea.  And you’ll get to see how much he has grown since the above picture.)

After watching the video, he realised that he still had more to say.  (And seriously, you should watch this one as well.  I always wish that the kids had more pride in their country and in themselves.  What Valentin says about his country and his people gives me so much hope.)

This year, we would like to send three additional students to private school.

Let me tell you a little bit about them.

#1 The second chance student – Wilson

Last year, Wilson was almost at the point to receive a scholarship.  As in, everyone agreed he deserved it and could handle it and ‘Hey, can 189 wilsonsomeone go tell him about it?’ (Someone plods across the yard to share the good news.)  “Wilson!  WilSON!!  WILSON!!!  What’s that?  He just got angry and tried to run away?”  Back to square one.**

**Some, or many, of the details of this story have been changed.  I think in reality, there were a few days in between deciding he should go to private school and him making this decision that showed he was not quite as ready as we thought.  But you get the gist.**

2013 rolled by and he has shown everyone that he is more than capable of handling the challenges of private school.  I may have picked him up and swung him around when he officially knew it was official. (He despises being so small.)  The school will be waiving a big chunk of his monthly fee.  Therefore, for 2014 we’re raising $670 for the remainder of his monthly fee, books, uniform, field trips and the kitchen sink.

#2 The first niña – Marlen

902594_2755946617538_1303708932_oIn 2013, Proniño added a Proniña.  Otherwise known as Bellas Princessas.  Otherwise known as Beautiful Princesses.  Yes, there is a lot of pink.  There was some talk of how there really should be a girl receiving a scholarship this year.  It would be more balanced.  Give the other girls hope and something to work towards.  Fairness.  Gender-equality.  All that.  Then we got her grade from the final exam.



98% for the entire year.

Someone give this girl a scholarship.  She’s going places.

The Children’s Home Project is raising $500 towards her total costs of $1147.  Another organisation is raising the difference.  And if that doesn’t happen, I’ll be back in a few months flashing this gorgeous picture again….

#3 – Devoted Deybi

I would like to tell you all about him.  But the reality is that I don’t know him all that well.  This would be because nearly every time I’m in 012 DeybiVencedores he’s doing homework.  When his name was brought up as a potential candidate I thought about how I have no idea what his grades are like, but he sure has shown enough dedication and discipline to deserve this opportunity.

And do you know what even cooler about Deybi’s situation?  The employees of Proniño have decided to collectively pay his monthly costs.  Now that’s going the extra mile for the boys.  All that’s left to raise is the kitchen sink.  (You know, the books, uniforms, field trips, etc.)  We need to raise $542 to ensure that Deybi can go to school clothed and with a pencil to write with.  Pretty sure he’d appreciate that.

$1147 for Valentin + $1147 for Bryan + $670 for Wilson + $500 for Marlen + $542 for Deybi = $4006.  But for puzzle piece purposes, we’re going to round down to $4000.  Will you step in to ensure that these five get the education they deserve?  To donate, click here and donate to Sharing Joy!

We have all the edge pieces.  Now can we start filling in big chunks of the inside!!  I really, really like puzzling.  (Come on Webster.  Add this to the dictionary.)

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 1.49.34 PM

Our current total is $4,020 towards our goal of $20,000 with 13 days left to raise it.  My eternally optimistic alter ego is quite confident we can do this!!

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