Jenny Kast

Founder and Director of The Children’s Home Project

Hey hey hey! I’m Jenny, the founder and Director of The Children’s Home Project. What started in 2010 as a desire to get one boy out of a severely subpar government home and then a deeply rooted need to be able to continue to invest in Honduras once we moved back to the States, has grown to having worked with a handful of homes and loving hundreds of children. When not counting down the days when I can return to Honduras and reunite with the other half of my heart, I can be found at various coffeeshops around Phoenix recruiting team members, planning fundraisers, figuring out how to file non-profit taxes, among way too many other things to list. I live in the States with Sean, my fireman husband, Leo and Nico, our sons who just might be the most adorable children on earth and one naughty pup named Barkley. (The name turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.#mistake)

Hey! I’m Jilli, the director of Crecer, our day center in San Pedro Sula. We work with 15 kids and their families to empower and equip them to one day break out of the cycle of poverty in which they’ve lived their whole lives. I say I “work” with them, but I’m really lucky enough to consider them family as I fight tooth and nail to constantly remind them how perfect and loved they are. I’m from Maryland, but I’ve lived in Honduras since 2012. And while I love my pollo con tajadas and pretending to be into soccer, nothing will ever replace Old Bay seasoning or watching Ravens games in Maryland. And yes, I annoy the kids until they agree to be Ravens fans as well. When I’m not at Crecer or getting coffee with the kids, you can find me at my favorite plant nursery, spending way too much money on new plant bebes, or at home with my five* cats and three* dogs, reading, watching, or listening to true crime content. Stay out of the forest!

*still subject to change
**and by change she means increase

Hi amigos! My name is Haley and I have the best privilege of being the Directora of Proniño, our children’s home where 29 precious kiddos eat, sleep, learn, and love. I work alongside an amazing team that raises these kids from a base of patience, compassion, and healing. I am a TBRI Practitioner and geek out at anything related to Karyn Purvis or developmental trauma healing strategies, which has turned fundamental in raising our kids from hard places. My days consist of a thousand hugs, talking through behaviors, training staff, and making too many trips to the pulpería for snacks. I’m Nebraska born and raised but have called Honduras home since 2016. I live alongside the very best neighbors turned family and thank sweet Jesus for the community I’ve been given. When I’m not working, you can find me raiding the chocolate drawer in my fridge or falling asleep to anything I try to watch on Netflix.

Hi Hi! My name is Marie, born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and I feel so very lucky to be a part of the TCHP family. I’m a big fan of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, soaking up the sun and dancing whenever and wherever I can. My journey with The Children’s Home Project started the winter of 2015, when I went down to Honduras for the very first time with Haley. From that very first trip, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this world in any way I could. As TCHP’s Director of Sponsorship I have the incredible opportunity to create and facilitate human connections. Each of our kids has a story, has likes and dislikes, and has a personality all of their own. Through sponsorship, I get to share their stories with our generous sponsors and help build those unique connections. I constantly can’t believe I get to share the gift that is being in these kids’ lives with others and I can’t wait to continue to share that with you!