Jenny Kast

Founder and Director of The Children’s Home Project

Hey hey hey!  I’m Jenny, the founder and Director of The Children’s Home Project. What started in 2010 as a desire to get one boy out of a severely subpar government home and then a deeply rooted need to be able to continue to invest in Honduras once we moved back to the States,  has grown to having  worked  with a handful of homes and loving hundreds of children. When not counting down the days when I can return to Honduras and reunite with the other half of my heart, I can be found at various coffeeshops around Phoenix recruiting team members, planning fundraisers, figuring out how to file non-profit taxes, communicating with Directors about the needs of the children and blogging, among way too many other things to list. I live in the States with Sean, my fireman husband, Leo, our son who just might be the most adorable child on earth and two dogs, Story and Chamaco Flaco el Catracho.  I can be reached at

Hi! Jilli here. I’m originally from Maryland and took my first trip to Honduras in 2011. In 2012, I moved here to work as a pre-k bilingual teacher in a town 40 minutes outside of San Pedro Sula. During the school year, I was able to visit Proniño on the weekends to strengthen relationships I had made with the boys there. When one of my favorite boys ran away, it seemed like a no brainer to go searching for him on the streets of San Pedro and encourage him to leave the street. My trips to the street became more frequent in the afternoons and when the school year was over, I officially joined the TCHP team as the street outreach coordinator. Since then, my work with these kids has evolved into running Crecer, a day center for boys and girls living in extreme poverty. If I’m not at Crecer or Kentucky Fried Chicken rewarding kids for their excellent behavior, you can find me at home cuddling with my four* cats, watching any and every Shonda Rhimes show with a glass of white wine and frozen cranberries.
*subject to change
**and by change she means increase

Haley Janssen

Proniño Project Coordinator

Hello! I’m Haley and I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2016 I received my bachelors degree in Special Education and Spanish, put on my camp counselor sandals one last time, and then booked a one way flight to Honduras. I knew I wanted to make my way down to this sweaty, beautiful country long-term back in 2011 after getting to meet the children at Proniño. I have the privilege of serving as our Proniño Coordinator, which has given me the chance to work in all sides of Proniño as an advocate, educator, team leader, and constant presence for the children we work with. Each day, the kids give me the greatest gift of an opportunity to love them deeply and a space to believe in their abilities to succeed. When not receiving all the hugs and high fives this job provides, you can find me in front of a fan watching Grey’s Anatomy. I tackle the roller coaster of life Honduras slings at me by drinking a gallon of ice tea every day and knowing that investing in these kids will always be worth it.

Franklin Romero

Assistant Direct of Crecer

Hola! Soy Franklin! Being from one of the most dangerous parts of San Pedro Sula, it’s always been a goal of mine to reach out and work with kids who are growing up surrounded by drugs and gangs, and guide them towards other lifestyle options. I first got involved with TCHP by doing outreach visits on the street when Jilli and I started dating. When Crecer opened, I knew it was where I wanted to invest my time and I officially joined the team alongside the ladies of TCHP. By breakdancing and rapping, I’m able to connect with our kids on a deeper level and help boost their self esteem by teaching them new talents and providing an outlet for all their bottled up energy. After teaching kids how to spin on their heads, you can find me studying for my psychology exams at university, watching the history channel at home, or rapping about social issues.