Let’s start by quickly reviewing where we stood on the completion of our puzzle at the end of Jilli’s blog on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 6.35.25 AMOk, we’re starting to fill in some of the inside.  You can nearly identify one child.  Our total was $6,230.  31% of our goal.

Now, let me show you what our puzzle currently looks like:

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 12.58.58 PMNope, this is not a mistake.  I did cheat by hitting ‘auto-fill’, but it wasn’t an accident.



One family did some (or maybe a lot of) praying, felt some nudging and came through in a big, BIG way.

It was unfortunate that I opened the email in a public place.  Squealing in Starbucks is usually frowned upon.

Then I sat and stared at the screen feeling awed…excited…stunned…flabbergasted…blessed…like maybe I should go run a marathon…

We set an ‘unattainable’ goal and were blown away with three blog posts to go.

With your donations, here’s what the kids are guaranteed to receive:

$350 for 400 chickens.

$1800 in salaries for the employees who direct and guide.

$2000 for meat, because beans are great, but sometimes…

$1200 for clothes, shoes, boxers, socks and a boosted self-esteem.

$600 for medicines (primarily for foot ailments according to Dr. Izaak.)

$2000 towards incentives and reinforcements instead of only punishments.

$800 for the jewellery room which provides a source of sustainability as well as art therapy.

$4000 in salaries for the madres who love on and play with the boys as they cook and love on the boys.

$4000 to make sure the Valentin, Bryan, Wilson, Marlen and Deybi have everything they need for their year in private school.

As well as these three things that we WERE going to blog about before our socks were blessed right off:

$500 worth of fruit (roughly a month and a half)

$250 towards special events like Mother’s Day, which I try to be in Honduras for each year.  =)

$2500 towards vehicle maintenance because do you have any idea how hard 80 boys and 9 princesses are on vehicles?

Who else has goosebumps?  That was a really fun list to write.

For those of you reading this and along with rejoicing are thinking “Hmm, I was planning on donating.  I mean, I’m super against foot ailments.” Never fear!  Jilli and I will still be blogging three more times before the end of the year. I was going to tag the first one on to this post, but I think I need to end this here.  I’d like us all to have a chance to sit in awe of the generosity of human beings, the amazing things we can do when we work together and just how big our God is.

Tomorrow. . .  Tomorrow, we’ll talk about books.


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