There’s this movie in the theaters now.  It seems rather popular.  You may have heard of it.  What’s it called.  Think. Think. Think.  Star Battles!  Or something.   Confession.  Before last week, I had never watched any of them.  I know, I know, how did I make it this long??  And with all of this…

First and foremost, from these little guys at Senderos de Amor! Secondly, Meet *Carlos, 14 years old. And meet *Eduardo, 15 years old. They are going into the 3rd and 4th grade next year.  This is quite the accomplishment for both. They have families.  And for many reason, they can’t live with them.  Both have been […]

I was called into the meeting because they thought I might have some inside information. “We don’t know what to do with him. He has no respect for anyone. He quits everything he starts. Do you have any idea what he really wants to do with his life?” (Paraphrasing. Because who remembers conversations from two…

Often, when I take a step back to look at the problems the CRECER kids and their families face, it’s overwhelming, to say the least. These families…they just need so much. They all find themselves in difficult situations with the … Continue reading

It is that time of year! That most wonderful time of year when we as a community, as a family, as a like-minded people embrace the cooler weather, the hot cuppa something, and the brotherly (and sisterly) love! We want to offer you a unique way to spread that love. This year, The Children’s Home […]

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