Sometimes things just don’t click in my brain. Maybe it’s my Youngest Child Syndrome, but I admit that sometimes I think that because I behave a certain way, everyone else in the world should does as well. It takes some … Continue reading

It seems that some of the pressure has been relieved in my big ol’ head, which means that my focus can shift back to the things that make my smile widest.  Namely them: So today is going to be blog light.  As in, there will be lots of cute pictures of kids that I recommend…

At times the mission field feels so, SO big and I feel so, So small.  I’ve only got two hands and two feet and boy o boy is there a lot of need here. In this line of ‘work’ we are constantly interacting with other organizations all working towards the same goal: meeting the needs […]

Meet Chanita! She’s pint-sized (on a very generous scale) with a big personality. She’s often eating lollipops at 9:30 in the morning. She has a contagious giggle and an amazingly short attention span. Her hobbies include fitting into tiny spaces, … Continue reading

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