Organized Competitive Sports. I’ve never been a fan of playing them. Which is why I opted to run cross-country in high school. Any sport that allowed me to ‘play’ while not talking to others was something I could definitely do. I’m not a competitive person by any means. And I don’t thrive on the challenge […]

Did you know I studied business in college? I know, right. What was I thinking?? Actually, I know what I was thinking. I was thinking logically and rationally and money-ally. And then I came here. Bye bye, logic. Adios, reason. Lolololol, … Continue reading

Ninety kids of various shapes and sizes. Every now and then you’ll find them in disguises. On the 10th of September, their youthfulness is celebrated. Piñata! Outings! ….But that’s not what will be most anxiously awaited. What oh what might this one thing be? A toy? A meal? They’re very own seal? Please say it…

BIG News! The Children’s Home Project (TCHP) is starting a sponsorship program for children living in Senderos de Amor!!! As many of you know, I’ve been serving with this home since the beginning of the year. It has become my home away from home (away from home). It’s not the physical structures on the property, the tire […]

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