Memories are so strange.  Some significant ones are forgotten and some insignificant one stick around for the long haul.  (If the Spanish conditional tenses could make my brain their permanent home, that would be great.)  I have no idea why I so vividly remember the first time I heard of Awner.  Four years ago, Laura…

When a child makes the decision to leave behind a life lived on the streets and enter into a residential facility, finding a sense of normality is very difficult. The transition period from the streets for homeless boys and girls is often a rough time. Even the simplest of tasks seem rather daunting. For the […]

A few nights ago, I was hanging out on the street with some peanut-sized kids.  We were playing cards in the bed of my pick-up and things were getting quite heated because rules and structure and taking turns are all, … Continue reading

I thought Marcos was walking me to my car to be gentlemanly, but he had other motives.   “I want to talk to you because I’m mad at you.”    “Oh, um, sure.  What’s up?”  (flip through the rolodex of what I possibly could have done)   By no means is this my first rodeo….

Building Hope. How does one build hope? I suppose impending vacation plans build hope for a period of time with no work. Date night without the kids? That would surely build hope for a time of reconnection with a significant other. Graduation A career change Cancer in remission A healed wound Forgiveness  All would bring […]

Seeing the crowd on the side of the road we instantly knew what had happened. Driving past, he cranes his neck just a bit and then settles back into the seat. His brow is creased in that way that means he’s thinking unhappy thoughts. To break the silence I try to get into that head….

Recently, the president of Honduras made it a law that every. single. child. in the country needs to graduate sixth grade. Woohoo!! Public schools in Honduras are also free. Wonderful!  So…uhh…what’s the problem? Well, because it’s my not-so favorite definition … Continue reading

Remember when all of your friends had a Popple and you didn’t? Or junior high when everyone in class had Abercrombie & Fitch plastered across their chest and your shirt said Abercrombie & Finch. (At least, these were my childhood struggles…) Most of us have been in a position where our lack of something made…

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