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    a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.

Do you know what I realized this morning?  I promised at least one haiku this month.  And I like being a (wo)man of my word.  I will start by sharing my favourite haiku.  Prepare to be amazed:

Haikus are easy.

But sometimes they don’t make sense.


I once had a shirt with this written on it until it became too uncomfortable when strangers stopped me on the street and in stores to stare at my chest as they read.   If you bought that shirt at the Ahwatukee Goodwill and are currently reading this blog, you’re welcome.  I hope it sparks lots of fun conversations with perfect strangers.  And I hope you’re a guy.

At this point, I will put my creativity cap on to wow you with my poetry skills.  Please keep in mind that I’m also good at math.  Therefore my poetry skills are a bit stunted.  322 David argueta y denis

Haiku #1:

What gift can we give?

One that won’t tarnish or fade

An education

Breathtaking, I know.  In this final instalment of “Sharing Joy: One Piece at a Time; The Three Part Sequel”, I’m extending the opportunity to become an education sponsor.  Aside from the boys and one girl who are attending private school (and whose education is fully funded – woot! woot!) there are 77 kids who will be attending public school or one of the two schools within Proniño.   The cost breaks down to $35/month for a junior high or high school student who is going to school in Proniño or to the public elementary school and $15/month for the elementary school students within Proniño.  If you would like to become an education sponsor, please click here and enter your donation amount in the education box.   A one time donation of $420 or recurring donation of $35/month will educate either one or two children for a year.

179 Cristian Martinez, Eduardo Saravia y Luis Enrique

Haiku #2

Sixty-five sponsors

You and sixty-four close friends

Or let’s start with you

An education sponsorship comes with pictures and updates on the kids, their grades, what they’re learning and what they love about school.  (I’m going to work really hard to get them to say something other than recess.   Kids, there are always some similarities that cross cultural boundaries.)

I’ve been sitting in this coffeeshop counting syllables on my fingers for way too long.  (Please refer to paragraph #2.  I typically can do math in my head.)   So let me leave you with this:238 Javier

Haiku #3

Just one more reason

If you’re on the fence to give

A tax deduction

Thank you to everyone who has already donated this month and this year!  You have completely astounded us with your generosity.  I’m reminded so very often that loving these kids and changing their lives is a joint effort.  We could not do this without your shared passion!

Once again I say:


(For anyone with a  sudden interest in haikus, here is an example of an actual one.  I fear that this post has misrepresented haikus.  Misrepresentation officially corrected!  Please note, that I did not write this.  This is an example from poetrysoup.com)

writing as I drift

on the ocean’s endless blue. . .

my soul over     flows

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