Today is a day of triumph.  This is a story that I’ve been hoping I’d be able to tell one day.  I’ve known Edgar almost since the beginning.  Three years ago, he099 Edgar was ornery and hyper and made up the wildest tales about his past for the gringos that came to Nueva Esperaza for one day.  He ran away from Nueva and was the first child I found on the street and brought to Proniño (thank you Edgar, for introducing me to this world).  For the first year and a half, he was in and out of Proniño at least half a dozen times.   He reminded me of Huck Finn.  All boy.   Looking for adventure.  The words I dreaded most from his mouth were, “I’m bored”.  This meant that the itch for freedom was raging.   An escape, or at least an attempt, would soon follow.

He’s been changing this last year.  Most notably, he has a large amount of peach fuzz on his upper lip.  Most remarkably, he’s much calmer and focused.  (Although, we did have to have a conversation in January about how if you love someone you don’t smack said person on the back repeatedly when she has a sunburn…) The moment of triumph came recently in a conversation with Jilli.  He boasted that it has been over a year since he has run away and that, before, he would just do it without thinking.  And now?

“Now, I think more. I breathe and I think about the streets. And then I do something that distracts me and before I know it, the thought has left!”

I’m so incredibly proud of you Edgar.

519 edgar y yo

Look how much bigger he is!  Three cheers for growing up!!

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