A story about what happens when one person does something…in numbered list form…because I love lists in general and numbered ones are at the top of my, ahem, list.

1. A year and a half ago, Alejandra found out about Proniño.  And she was moved to do something, anything.  She looked around her house and realized that since they were redoing her childrens’ rooms, they probably didn’t need all those stuffed animals.  So (with the support and permission of her wonderful children) she donated them.


2.  But a year later, she decided that this wasn’t enough.  So she planned a shoe drive at her children’s school.

Yes, that is Sean peeking over the top…

3.  A very nice Eagle Scout by the name of Dallin noticed the signs around his sister’s school and decided that doing something for the boys would be a fitting service project.  He also did a shoe drive.

 And got over 80 pairs!

I was planning on lining them all up and taking a picture – but there’s 80 pairs! (Doesn’t this remind you of the field day game back in the day where you each put a shoe in a pile, then have to find it??)

So (1) Alejandra was moved which brought stuffed animals (2) then shoes, which (3) brought more shoes from a person that neither of us knew and (4) who knows who might have found out about Proniño through this and at this very moment is wondering if there is anything that s/he can do!  And this is one of the many things that I love about this work.  This domino effect that leads to more and more supporters, donors, pray-ers, volunteer-ers every day.

Have you been moved and want to do something for these kids but don’t know what to do?  I guarantee that there’s something.  Simply talking about the kids, letting the world know that they exist, can open doors with others who may have the perfect resources/abilities to help the kids, but are just waiting to learn about this opportunity.

I’ve got something for you right now.  Those shoes aren’t going to take themselves to Honduras!  Along with getting the shoes donated, Dallin raised money to cover the cost of the extra pieces of luggage.  All that you would have to cover is your flight and trip costs.  =)

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