Sharing Joy 2017

Goal – $30,000

Tis the season to share. Tis the season of joy. And every year we give you an opportunity to share some joy. THIS year you can share this joy with a friend or loved one while also making a difference in the lives of Honduran children.
Doubled donations are doubly delightful.

This year we have a donor who will be matching all donations up to $15,000 to help us get to our $30,000 goal!


Giving or Receiving Joy

This year, with every donation, you will receive a gift. These gifts can be sent directly to you or can be gifted to a friend or loved one! Gifts and levels:


coffee + bracelet

coffee mug + coffee + bracelet

Lencan coasters + mug + coffee + bracelet

blanket + coasters + mug + coffee + bracelet

  • 4 Private School Scholarships $5800

    One full year costs $1500. Our goal during this fundraiser is 3 full and 1 partial scholarship with a total goal of $5800.

  • 2 Trade School Scholarships $1700

    Each trade school scholarship is $850 which makes our goal $1700.

  • Meriendas $1500

    $1500 will provide daily snacks for 40 children for the entire year.

  • Birthday Gifts $400

    Our birthday gift goal is $400

  • Claudia $5500

    This year we will be raising her entire salary of $5500.

  • Crocs $500

    During Sharing Joy, we are raising $500 to put towards the total cost of Crocs.

Proyecto Crecer

  • Crecer Building $2000

    $2000 will cover a portion of the increased rent for the year.

  • Books and Supplies $500

    $500 will cover the cost of all books and supplies for the year for ten children.

  • Teachers $6000

    $6000 will cover both salaries for the year.

  • Outings $300

    $300 will ensure fun and celebration of all their hard work!

  • Family Meals $1500

    $1500 will go towards these vital meals.

  • Teresa $500

    We are raising $500 towards this treasure.

  • Jenny $4200

    $4200 will cover her entire salary for the year.

It will bring us much joy if you shared your resources with us this year and helped us to reach our goal of $30,000! Remember that we have a donor matching all donations which means that everything you give will be doubled. In order to reach this goal we will need:

4 donations of – $1000

8 donations of – $500

15 donations of – $250

22 donations of – $100

21 donations of – $50