Sharing Joy 2018

Goal – $30,000

Tis the season to Share some Joy with The Children’s Home Project!

2018 marks the 5th year of bringing joy and blessings to our kids in Honduras during the holiday season. We are so grateful to all of you who have given in the past and can’t wait to see what will happen this year.

Once again, ALL of your donations will be DOUBLED up to $15,000 which will bring us to our $30,000 goal!

  • Tania $5000

    Tania is the co-director of Proniño and this woman has shown over and over again how deep her commitment and love is for our kids.

  • Marvin $2350

    Marvin has played a variety of roles in Proniño but our favorite one is his steadfast leadership as a caretaker. He is a shining role model to the boys.

  • Nayra $2350

    Technically, Nayra is Proniño’s bookkeeper, but the reality is that she is so much more. She has dedicated much of her adult life to the kids and treats them with a level of love, respect and maturity that is astounding for an employee so young.

  • Birthday celebrations $400

    For some of our kids, their first year in Proniño is the first year that they celebrate their birthday. We make this day as special as possible with cake, a piñata, a gift of their choosing and then shower them with lots of love!

  • Meriendas $1500

    A daily merienda, or snack, is what re-energizes a child and enables him to keep learning midway through the school day. Whether it’s an orange or an individual sized bag of their favorite chips, it’s a chance to add variety to their diets, increase alertness and keep their bellies happy! $1500 will cover the costs of meriendas for the entire year.

  • Delia $1500

    We could not be more proud of this child. Delia struggled throughout elementary school and when she entered junior high, we were unsure that she would be able to keep up with the work. Her attending an alternative school was discussed but in the end she continued on the same track as her peers…and she thrived. In 2019, she will be attending a private school and we are so excited to raise funds for her scholarship!

  • School Supplies $500

    No more pencils, no more books!!!…Just makes for unprepared students… During Sharing Joy we are raising $500 for all school supplies for the 2019 school year.

  • Awner $1000

    Because of issues with documents from his high school, Awner had to delay his college career. Instead of giving up his dream, he has worked tirelessly with a lawyer so he can fulfill a goal that he has had for many years. This year, we are raising $1000 for his university scholarship in 2019.

  • Crocs $900

    The Crocs tradition continues and in 2019 we want to make sure that we are able to provide a pair of Crocs to each of our kids in both Proniño and Proyecto Crecer for the fourth year in a row! (You can’t knock ‘em til you’ve tried ‘em…)

Proyecto Crecer

  • 3 private school scholarships $3000

    Last year, Cristian was our first Crecer child to attend a private junior high. In 2019, Wilmer and Erick will be joining him! We are so proud of all that Cristian has accomplished in a year and we’re confident that he is ready to show his two friends the ropes of a private school

  • Recreation Area $3000

    No matter how old, a child needs some time to stretch his legs and rest his brain during a long day of school. This year, we will be providing a separate area within Crecer that is dedicated to rest and recreation that will include comfortable seats and an area to play games.

  • Tutor $2000

    All of our students were significantly behind in their education when they became part of Crecer and receive no assistance with schoolwork at home. In 2019, we want to ensure that they have access to a tutor to help them make consistent progress throughout the year.

  • Karen $500

    When the school within Crecer opened last year, we knew that we would need teachers who are both able to instruct a unique demographic of students and who could also help us quickly establish the norms and standards necessary for a successful school environment. Karen has proven to be just what we needed. She is a dedicated and patient teacher who fills her classrooms with high expectations and a whole lot of love and has also been an excellent lead teacher.

  • Family meals $1500

    So much of life happens around a dinner table. Every single weekday, we provide a quality, nutritious lunch (that is rather large) to our Crecer kids before they return home to their families each night. It’s our time to give their growing bodies what they need as well our chance to talk and remain connected.

It will bring us much joy if you shared your resources with us this year and helped us to reach our goal of $30,000! Remember that we have a donor matching all donations which means that everything you give will be doubled. In order to reach this goal we will need:

4 donations of – $1000

8 donations of – $500

15 donations of – $250

22 donations of – $100

21 donations of – $50

Giving or Receiving Joy

This year, with every donation, you will receive a gift. These gifts can be sent directly to you or can be gifted to a friend or loved one! Gifts and levels:

Key Chain

Coffee + Key Chain

Zippered Pouch + Coffee + Key Chain

Lencan Hot Plate + Zippered Pouch + Coffee and Key Chain

Basket + Lencan Hot Plate + Zippered Pouch + Coffee + Key Chain