When I first entered this world of children’s homes and fundraising I remember hearing that Bas had secured a $30,000 Euro donation from Holland for Pronino.  My thought?

Awesome!  I bet they’re funded for the entire year!!

(If Bas is reading this while sipping tea, I suspect there is currently earl grey all over his fancy Mac.)

Do you have any idea how much it costs to take care of 90 boys and a few girls every month?  I apparently did not.  That amazing donation would cover roughly one month of the costs related to caring for nearly 100 children.  ONE MONTH.  Oh my.  Turns out that running a children’s home is quite pricey.  Who knew?

(Technically, now all of us do.)

288 bellas princesasThere are so many big and small ways to invest in these boys (and a few princesses).  There are things that they MUST have in order to survive.  There are things that will enrich their lives and help them to become who they are meant to be.  There are things that are just fun that I wish we could shower upon them because we want to see joy on the faces of those we love.

So here’s the dizzle.  Throughout the month of December, Jilli and I will be blogging about some of the needs, some of the wants and some of the things we think the kids deserve.  We are going to make reading about meat, madres and medicine interesting.  Just you wait.  Except, don’t wait too long.  We don’t want all of the reading to pile up too much for you.  Remember, you also have all those Christmas parties, gifts to buy, family to host…

Last year, you generously donated $15,000 that was used to form and shape the growing minds of these adolescents.  This year our goal is $20,000.  Every single time I make a goal, I gasp a little when I put it in writing, and then I’m amazed and blessed by every one of you who answers this call to give!

This year’s holiday fundraiser is Sharing Joy: One Piece at a Time.  There are so many pieces and parts that go into taking care of these incredible children.  You know how annoying it is when you put together a puzzle and there’s just a few pieces missing?  (Sean refuses to do puzzles from Goodwill with me because it’s always a gamble as to whether or not we have all the pieces.  Come on husband!  This is the only gambling I actually enjoy!)  Moving on… We want to make sure that there aren’t any missing pieces or parts in the lives of the kids in Proniño.

And for all of you visual people out there.  We have a literal puzzle that will track how close we are to our goal.  This is a 400 piece puzzle.  A $200 donation will bring us four pieces closer to finishing our puzzle.  A $600 donation is twelve pieces.  A $20 donation from you, $20 from your friend and $10 from your little sister is one piece.  You get it.  Don’t you want to see which adorable children are in this puzzle?  (And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, just keep coming back in the next few weeks.  It’ll make more sense.)

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 7.48.11 PM

Please click here and make your donation to Sharing Joy 2013.  Stay tuned for stories about all of the things that your donation will be funding! It may include a haiku or two.

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