One of the problems with blogging on a schedule is that I sometimes wait too long and the good news I had planned to blog has turned into bad news.  (Read here.)  This leaves me banging my head against the wall and reprimanding myself for not blogging in a more timely fashion.

I’m experiencing something similar today.  Except that instead of banging my head against the wall I’m jumping for joy.

573 edgar y yoRemember Edgar?  (Oh, you don’t?  Well, you can read about him here.  And then here.)  I’ve known him for 3.4 years now and have watched him change and grow and blossom.  He has gone from a kid who makes up stories about his past to needle new visitors to a kid who talks openly about the impact his family has had on his past and what would be best for his future.  He went from running away every time someone else was leaving, to discipling himself to resist the temptation.  From being an 11 year old who couldn’t spell his name, to a 14 year old who’s proud of his reading abilities.  From an ornery child who doesn’t know when to quit tickling, pinching and pointing out the darker hairs on my upper lip to a…oh wait, that hasn’t changed.  I was nearly to the point where I had stopped worrying about him.  He hadn’t run away for over a year.  He was thinking through decisions before acting  on them.  He had goals.

And then he ran away.

This’ll teach me for getting all comfortable and complacent.  Ok, he’ll spend a week or two on the street. He’ll be found.  He’ll be brought back.  And I have a few months to perfect the lecture he’ll get when I return.  But a strange thing happened.  He has regular haunts while on the street.  And he has specific kids that he hangs out with.  But this time, he vanished.  Weeks passed and Jilli didn’t see him.  The other kids hadn’t seen him either.  We heard a disconcerting rumor about what black hole he may have fallen into.  A small rock formed in my stomach that I diligently nursed into a boulder.

I found an interview that I did with him in July.  To loosen him up and make him laugh I asked him why he loved me.  After the giggles, he said that it’s because I brought him to Pronino and I always advise him to come back.  I replied that I will always look for him.  I had already planned on spending a good chunk of this upcoming trip scouring the streets for him.  But watching this video made it all the more urgent.  I had made a promise to him and I had to complete it.

My plan for today’s blog:  Tell you this story.  Show you that video.  Ask you to pray, pray, pray that I would find him and bring him back.

But you know what?  This is no longer necessary.

Last night I received a text from Jilli that said:


(Gosh I love this girl.)

Essentially, she stumbled upon him because he had heard she was going to be at one of the popular street kid spots at a certain time.  He missed Pronino and found the streets to be harder than he remembered.  (Which to me shows that he HAS grown and change over the years.  He no longer can handle this lifestyle.)  After hemming, hawing and being encouraged by some of the older boys who no longer have an opportunity in a children’s home, he decided to return.  He has been located, he is safe, and he made the decision to return.  Yes, he also made the decision to leave in the first place, but there will always be bumps on the road.  Every one of us will make bad decisions in our lives.  The important thing is to recognize it and correct it.

What I thought was going to be a post of desperation has become a post of thankfulness.  And what a perfect week for a blog of thanksgiving.

Now please excuse me.  I must go work on the lecture I’m going to give this fella three days from now.

103 edgar

Stay tuned for information about Sharing Joy: One Piece at a Time.

I do hope you’re on the edge of your seat.

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