The topic of this blog for the last few weeks has been heavy.  I’ve been focusing on the ones who run away.  But what about the good stuff?  What about the kids who are thriving in Proniño?  There are plenty of them, and it’s time to showcase some.  Unless something major and unexpected happens, good stuff is all that I’ll be talking about for the next month.

And I’m going to be talking over and over and over again about what you can do to bring even more goodness.

It all starts with this.

You see, I really wanted to make sure that the boys had a good Christmas this year.  But was told that Christmas was more or less covered.  Splendid.

But I still wanted to do something for the boys this season.  What is super important for their future?  Education.  How much could it possibly cost to send 90 boys to school?  My guess was around $10,000.  Oh how I laugh at naive Jenny from September.  And I got it in my head that I’d like to raise all of it.

After receiving an incredibly well organized budget and adding up all the rows and tabs I discovered  that the actual cost for the 2013 school year is

(drum roll please)



But, as aforementioned, I had it in my head to raise all of it.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed (as I’m sadly prone to) I’ve had this supernatural motivation and even downright excitement at the thought of going for it.

All of it.

In October, the boys each decorated ornaments for the people who would donate towards their education.  As a small token of thanks when you donate, you will receive one of those adorable ornaments with information about the boy who created it on the back.

A few times a week until Christmas, I’ll be blogging about what your donations will support as well as stories about individual kids and what they’ve overcome before arriving in Proniño and receiving these opportunities.  And, of course, I’ll talk about some of their dreams, which is my favorite conversation to have.

I hope that something you learn in the next month will inspire you to give!  Any amount will be a great benefit to the boys.

To donate, please click here.

There are currently hundreds of ornaments sitting on our kitchen table.  Hundreds, because I know that it will take a little something from many people to make this possible.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, something as adorable as this could be yours!

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