It’s almost that time again!

Time for the weather to become bearable in Phoenix?

No, no, we’ve got another few months for that.

Time for all the attack ads to disappear?

Nope, sorry, a few months for that as well.

Time for every food item to come with a special flavor of pumpkin?

It’s always time for that, I say.

It’s time to celebrate children in Honduras!

Day of the Child will be celebrated on September 10th and for the fourth year, The Children’s Home Project will be celebrating the kids we work with by giving each child a snazzy new outfit and planning a fun outing that is guaranteed to exhaust them to the point that everyone under the age of 12 falls asleep on the bus on the way home.  And for the fourth year, we’re asking you to help us make this possible!  Will you help us ensure that all of our kids have an outfit that they love and a day that they won’t forget?  This year, we’re asking for donations of $50 that will cover the cost of their trip to Zizima water park in San Pedro, lunch and snacks for the day, transportation as well as shoes, shirt, pants, socks, underwear and a belt.  Click here to choose the child you’d like to help!

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Five years ago, a group of college students from Elon (lookin at you Kelsey!) raised enough money to take all of the kids to a water park.  (I cannot believe it’s been that long!)  This is the last time the boys have gone and they’re chomping at the bit to feel the rush of those columpios (slides) again.  Five years ago, as a scrawny tweener, Santos Alexi (left hand picture) stood at the bottom of the steepest and fastest slide and entertained himself by jumping over the bodies that hurtled towards him  If you donate, I’ll give you a full report on if this (still scrawny) now adolescent still finds this to be the most fulfilling way to spend his day at the water park! (Along with this titillating update, you’ll also receive a picture and thank you from the child you choose to donate towards!)

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