The Proniño fundraiser ends tomorrow so for my last fundraiser motivated post I wanted to let David show you how important this home really is.  When Laura was in Honduras she recorded this message from David for me.  For me, this is the most powerful video I’ve seen from the kids.

(If you are reading this and thinking “Who is David?”, you should probably read about this amazing child first!  Here is a link to the first part of the story:  David Part 1.  And then afterwards you should read the second part:  David Part 2.  You didn’t realize reading my blog was going to mean homework, did you??)

And now  here is the link to the translated video.  But just in case you don’t really like clicking links, I’m going to write what he says right here!  (But I really recommend that you click the link if only so that you can see just how bright his eyes are…)

David:  What should I say?

Laura: Whatever you would like.  What would you like to say to her?

David: I don’t know.

Laura: What did you say in the letter?

David: That I’m never going to run away.

Because if I run away I’ll have to put up with the cold.

For someone living on the street like that…The dangers of the street will take your life.

It only takes one gun shot from somewhere.

The police can’t help.  The gangs kill people.

They would pull a gun on me sometimes.

Thank God…I thank God that Jenny brought me to this center.

Otherwise I’d still be in the same place….

His words and the fact that he’s still there are absolutely incredible to me.  He’s been there for more than a month!  You might be thinking that one month really isn’t all that much of an accomplishment and WOW does Jenny have low expectations.  But he came to Proniño with a loooooong history of drug use and even as we were on our way, he was strongly doubting that he could do it.  Then he had to detox.  I’ve heard it takes about a week for the glue to leave your system.  So, he withstood a physically miserable week (at least) as his body screamed for the comfort that it was used to.  It would’ve been so easy for him to slip away while everyone was playing soccer, run down the street and he could’ve been high (and his body would’ve been happier) in less than 30 minutes.  But he resisted.  The drugs are out of his system, but the drugs were also a coping mechanism when he was sad or angry or scared.  And I’m sure he’s been all of those things in this past month.  And I’m sure that his first thought was how nice it would be if he just had one tube of glue…  But he resisted.  Gosh I’m so proud of him.

And his words give me hope that he is able to see even a glimpse of the big picture.  He understands and is able to verbalize some of the dangers on the street.  He understands that for him, there’s a good chance that the street means death.  And he’s thankful, THANKFUL, that he has been given a chance at a different life.  With so many kids, I’ve thought that they probably are thankful, or feel a sense of relief that they’re off the street, but so few are able to verbalize it.  For him to be able to verbalize the dangers that he would like to avoid and the gratitude he feels with almost no prompting gives me so much hope.  His success would definitely throw off all of the statistics – but what are statistics really anyway??

So this is my last plea for you to donate.  The closer Proniño is to actually having the money that they’ve laid out in their budget means a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables in their diets (which will make little bodies battling addictions and malnutrition function better, which means they’re more likely to stay.)  It means a sufficient amount of school supplies, backpacks and school shoes so they don’t get made fun of at school or singled out as ‘the kids from the orphanage’.  And it means supporting this home that is literally saving lives.  I’m still about $2000 away from my goal and I would love for you to be able to help me reach that goal before our Thanksgiving meals tomorrow!  Click here to support the kids by donating!

(To read more about David, click here.)

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