Dia del Niño, or Day of the Child is a holiday that’s celebrated in Honduras on September 10th. (With extra festivities happening for days before and after. They really should just call it ‘Week of the Child’.) A Honduran custom is that each child is given a new outfit on this day and The Children’s Home Project works each year to make sure that the kids of Proniño and Proyecto Crecer don’t miss out. We’re also raising funds to take all of the children on an extra special outing that surely will involve water! By donating $60 today, you are ensuring that a child is part of their cultural celebration and giving them the gift of dignity. Doesn’t everyone love a new outfit??

The children featured on this page are still in need of a Dia del Niño sponsor! Scroll down and choose your child by clicking the sponsor button and typing his or her name in the box under ‘Dia del Niño’. If you would like to sponsor multiple children, simply type all of their names in the box. $60 will purchase shoes, socks, pants, belt, underwear and a shirt for one child. If you would like to sponsor more than one child, please donate $60 for each. It will also cover transportation, ticket and lunch on the day of our excursion. You’ll receive a special thank you from your selected child!

Contact Jenny at jkast@tchproject.org with any questions!