You know how when one kid in your child’s classroom gets sick, suddenly your whole household is sick?  Now imagine that you have 80 boys and 9 girls in your household.  Would everyone EVER be well at the same time.  Nope, absolutely not.  The coughs, the sniffles, the boogers found in places other than a kleenex.  Feeling a little under the weather is the gift that keeps on giving.  But then you also have all of the cuts and scrapes of falling off of bikes, tripping while walking up steps, getting hit in the face by a soccer ball and falling on a sharp piece of rusty metal.  What’s that?  You have no rusty metal in your yard?  Weird, I’ve begun to think that it’s a staple of a run of the mill childhood.

What do you do when your child comes home and can barely make it to his bed because of the exhaustion that came with his fever?  Or when you hear a yelp outside and find her crying and holding her hand over her banged up knee?  You scoop them up (as long as they are still within scoopable weight) and you disinfect that wound or give them a little something to ease that sore throat.

042 misa y fernandoSome of the employees at Proniño and the majority of the volunteers are more than willing to step in and do some scooping.  (Maybe Misael had a fever instead of this being Fernando implementing the first session of regression therapy. )  But there is still that issue of cough medicine, hydrogen peroxide, bandaids, ibuprofen, and vitamins for 90 kids.  What are the typical medicinal needs of the boys?  Let me allow Dr. Izaak to tell you all about it.

Now you’ve heard it from the doctor.  During Sharing Joy: One Piece at a Time, we are raising $600 for some of the medicines mentioned in this video.  This means one month of no headaches, fevers or any one of the mentioned foot maladies.  Click here to donate!

We’re currently at $1,870 raised.  $2,000 will finish the edge.  Can we do it by the end of the weekend?   Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope!!

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